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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Manage Your In-Game Finance

Since i joined back my previous official game, Granado Espada (GE), i would like to share with you how u can manage ur games' finance.

Since the online game is established, the virtual trading is the one of ways for the company to maintain their server since setup a server is not free. Converting the real money to the virtual currency makes most of online gamers need to be rich to be pro. Well, its so true, but, spending ur money without thinking will cause a lot of waste.

In this post, i would like to suggest some of the method to lower ur expenses while u enjoying playing the games.

Some of games allow people to sell the premium item(cash item) with games currency. eg. a RM19 item can be traded with 21,000,000 vis ( GE currency). So, by earning in-game money will help in lower ur expenses to the game. Here some noob tips for earning in-game money.

a. Looting
Some of the players tend to take lighty the loot that drop after kill the mobs. Actually, by looting all the loots, we can generate money(refer to in-game money) a little by a little while leveling by sell them to the npc(non-playable characters). Moreover, leveling is not free, mybe we need to use supportive item such as potions, bullets, etc, so atleast the loots will cover our cost of leveling. If we got lucky, there will be a rare loot that we can sell them with reasonable price.

b. Hunt Rare Loots
If your gears is pro enough, you can hunt for boss for better and rare loots. Then sell them to the others. Since not all players can get a pro gears, they hoping that the pro player will sell them the rare loots.

c. Buy Low, Sell High
This is very cheap one, try to buy the item with lower price, then sell them. Im sure there will be a someone who desperate willing to buy them.

d. Patience is a virtue
Talking about desperate, desperate players will tend to pay more then the patient one. So, wait until people offer you the lowest price, then buy. If selling, try wait until people willing to buy with high price.

e. Understand the Market
Somehow the market is kinda like the real life one. There are speculation, monopoly. It is ur choice to accepting the rumors or not. Since there are no options in the games, i think it is very risky to speculate the market. haha. Sometime the price is depends on the in-game event. e.g: a event that requires u to use a B item, than the B item price will be skyrocket. lol.

If you smart and hardworking, u may be not spending a cent of real money in order to survive in the game. Use all in-game money you have to buy the premium item.

However, after u got a lot of money, dont be stingy, spend it. Better gears, better mobs u can pwnd then better item u can get to sell to the others ^^. Thats all for the noob guide for all games.

Happy Gaming ^^