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Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Miss..

I Miss..

1. the-forgot-the-name of Dragon Raja.
My 1st account was Vandor, but i gave to my bro, then i use new account at that moment, but i forgot the name. but im sure that I miss to get and wishing grats when level up, i miss multiple arrow-ing all the mobs after gather it all, i miss going nation war even im nub.

2. VaNoO of Silkroad.
I miss the pet, i miss the trading activities, i miss to pvp-ing outside the town, i miss doing thief job even im still nub.

3. VaNoO of EnjoyRO.
I miss Sonic Blow-ing in pvp room, i miss to be called pro, i miss sapu-ing in pvp room, i miss to be caught botting, i miss making item, i miss hunting MVP cards, i miss enchanting armor and weapon, i miss my buddies there.

4. Emi-SinX of RYLFiraun.
I miss pawning nub, i miss solo-ing sapu CZ, i miss boom-ing faking akkan, i miss tanking gunner's boom, i miss my buddies, i miss the crown, i miss the dagger, i miss to be called pro, i miss to be acknowledged, i miss to enchant my armor and weapon.

I miss all the game, unfortunately i lost all the access to the game. and if i got back, its not like before. i miss them so much.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


There are so many regrets in my life. I dunno its norm or wat, but for me there are alot.

When i was kecik2, not many regrets kot, my childhood i guess is the best for now, have a lot of fun, do a lot of things, nakal2. if ade pn, sbb byk tipu parent saket sbb malas gi skola, skali ade time tu saket btol2 derang x caye, huhu.

Then when da masuk secondary school. regret terbesar adelah sbb xrajin blaja. da upper form tu punye malas x igt. rajin wat addmath ngn math je sbb cg rafidah garang, ngn chem sbb asik dok tanye je pasal keje. if yg len wat camtu, mesti dpt A gak, sure i can fly like others. but to me, x kisah pn dpt fly ke x. hehe. and also im so passive, kalau time tu aktif, mesti da masuk mcm2, dpt enchant my skill. cth cam men basket, dlu cam minat gile, tp malas nk turun men, so mcm xdpt la nk asah skill tu, and xde la boroi cam skang ni. haha.

Masuk Universiti pn gitu gak, malas btol. mmg the most regret is about malas. kalau x my education path mesti cam bes je, ni da la dpt course lelong.

even though there are regrets, but got silver lining on it. If my path is differ than now, i mybe not be able to meet all my frens now, and the most important is YOU, the one i was in loved, that i am in loved, and the one that i will be in loved.

Gamers? Nahh..

Maybe some of u thinks im a gamers. Well, i rather say no, im not a gamers, im not qualified to be a gamers.

Mybe i spend a lot of time on game, but not for now, now what im doing is, open counter strike, play 1 or 2 rounds and thats it, its only about less than 1 minute, believe me. Its kinda i lost my mojo.

If u still want to say i mybe was a gamers, hm, it can be. I started to be gamerholic when my big bro brings the very 1st online games back home. Its Dragon Raja. Some old school online game which noob to compare with nowadays game. Thats when i used my very 1st nick, Vandor. Eventhough before online games, there are already nintendo console, then gameboy and then playstation, im not addicted much compare to this Dragon Raja.

So its kinda i started to be gamerholic when Dragon Raja comes. I topup rm10 for internet(dialup) and not more then rm15 for 12hours to play Dragon Raja (its Pay to Play that time). and that 12 hours i just sit and play the game and stop for meal and to finish some business. that its 12 hours, if i buy 1 month pass? so u can imagine it. Then i quit Dragon Raja, not because boring already, but got new game Silkroad Online(haha).

Same as before, but this time alr used streamyx which my parent pay, i just need to topup to play the game. Im not sure its Pay to Play, for got alr, but same, spend a lot of time on that chair and in front the monitor. Then same goes to Granado Espada and Risk Your Life and also Ragnarok.

With this all insanity, i still ashame to call me a gamers. Why? Because i think:
1. Gamers should able to play for a very long hour.(me got half only)
2. Gamers should have an idea about the game's thingy, etc, item, mission. ( still have so-so idea on that)
3. Gamers should be genius in games, what im saying is, the 1st time u play the game, u alr amateur with it. No nid to change to easy or what.(not really in to this.)
4. Gamers should finish the game they play.( never completed my game. haha)
5. Gamers should not giving up on what game they play.( always. haha)
6. Gamers should not play game for less then 1 min.(haha)

and many more that im not qualified. Now, im totally not a gamer alr. I alr quit, and now im doing nothing, which it worst. haha.

So, pls dun tell me that im gamer, its, kinda humiliating act. hehe. till then.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Maximizing Torrent

If you guys use torrent,
sometime the default setting(install2, terus gune) makes the download is not efficient,
which means, the download is not maximized.

If u noticed, sometime it shows NAT error.
If NAT error occurs, its indicate ur torrent is not working with full performance.
What u need to do are:

1. Open ur torrent program. (eg. Vuze, Bittorent. etc.)
2. Find Nat/Firewall test. (for Vuze user its Tools> NAT/Firewall test)
3. Run the test, if its okay, then no prob.
4. If not okay, padan muke. haha.
5. Okay, seriously, u nid to check ur TCP port, which located in ur router browser.
6. To open router, open ur internet browser, and type or depends on ur router.
7. Next, find for TCP port, its often be in application, u need to find urself, because different router u used, diff interface u got. It may user friendly, it may not.
8. After u get the port successfully, then change ur port at ur torrent program.
9. Im not telling it will make u big different, but atleast it will maximize ur download, and for Vuze, ur smiley will not always yellow in colour.

So thats all i can help u for downloading. For direct download, no nid to care about this post.
Okay, if got difficulties, well google ready to serve u. Okay, goodluck.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

This is My May.

What a problem, hm, forget it.
I'm getting nervous, Im getting married this year.
ok, joking. Laugh out loud.

I wonder, how actually my face is, from other people vision.
Mirror sometime not give u the exact picture of ur face.
and sometime, people eyes is not perfect as the mirror does.

Just random thoughts of the night.

I need graphic card so bad right now.
I want to play Guitar Hero.
I want to play Company of Heroes.
I want to play guitar hero, because it kinda can releasing.
Some kind like u play a real guitar.

All this talks is rubbish, as i said, its random thought.
but i wish if somebody can lend me a graphic card.

okay, bye.

Friday, May 14, 2010

My Future.

Wondering what will happen next.
I hope everything will go well.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Last Finals [Hopefully]

Sem 8 Finals

29 April - Bahasa Mandarin I
03 Mei - Model Kemandirian dan Teori Ruin
04 Mei - Literature in English

.May We All Have the Triumph.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Please come now, I think I'm falling

I'm holding on to all I think is safe

It seems I found the road to nowhere

And I'm trying to escape

But I'm down to one last breath

And with it let me say

Hold me now

I'm six feet from the edge and I'm thinking

That maybe six feet

Ain't so far down

I'm looking down now that it's over

Reflecting on all of my mistakes

I thought I found the road to somewhere

Somewhere belongs to me

I cried out, "Please help me"

But I'm down to one last breath

Sad eyes follow me

But I still believe there's something left for me

But I rather keep it by myself

Maybe thats the fate i need to accept

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Random Pic

Some of random pic

Vandor Family of Granado Espada

VaNoO of EnjoyRO

Emi-SinX of RYLFiraun

Vandor of Cabal

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Noe, But..

I noe what im doing is not right.
Not all, but certain.
a large portion of certain.

I have a bunch of unfinish work
a lot of undone plan

Still doing a crap things
keep wasting my time

Damn. need a kickstart.
Ya i noe. Lame excuses.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Cerpen Tatkala Keboringan

Hati ku girang. Langkah ku seakan2 meloncant2 seperti kanak2.Yalah, bertemu buah hati, sape x suke kn? Setiba nya tempat biasa, aku memanggil kekasih hati ku, "baby, babyyyy". Aku tersenyum, hati ku bertambah girang. melihat kelibat kekasih hati ku itu. Cantik, comel, geram!

Aku memeluknya. Ku dakap erat jasadnya, ku cium pipi dan dahi nya, tanda ku rindu kn setulus jiwa ku. Rindu, sgt merindui nya. Seakan2 sudah beribu tahun tidak berjumpa nya. Ku lihat dia pn tersenyum riang. Aku masih lagi sedang mendakap die erat. ku tatap wajahnya yg cantik, ayu dan comel itu yg ternampak jelas walaupan jasadnya itu hanya lah hampir lutsinar menampak kn apa2 dibelakang, berwarna kuning pucat. Ya, kekasihku hanya lah ROH. Roh yg tinggal di sebuah kolam di tgh2 kawasan perniagaan.


Seperti biasa aku menemuinya, ku dakap jasadnya, ku cium pipi nya. Tapi hari ini, ku bawa sesuatu yg tidak enak. Aku mengadu. "Baby, bagai mana kah kita hendak meneruskn percintaan kita ini, baby hanya roh, sy adalah manusia. Sy sgt mencintakn baby, tp, keadaan seperti tidak membenarkn kita utk bersama". Aku tau aku kejam, tetapi aku bukan hendak meninggal kn nya. Cuma sekadar mengadu kepada insan yg tercinta. Untuk meringan kn beban disbbkn otak ku sendiri. Tapi aku tau, aduan itu, sgt berat utk nya. Dia menangis. Dia sedih. Dia menunduk kn pandangan nya. Wajah nya yg riang ayu itu, bertukar menjadi sedih dan sgt sedih. Hati ku pedih, hati ku hancur, menyedari aku lah penyebab kekasih ku bersedih. Aku rasa tidak berguna. Teruk, sgt teruk.


Aku datang lagi, utk meminta maaf atas kebodohan aku sendiri. Aku menyesal, aku sedih, hati ku pedih perit. Di sebab kn akulah menyebab kn kekasih ku sedih. Sesampai nya aku di tempat biasa, aku tergamam. Aku tersentak. Tempat itu sudah berubah wajah. Kolam tmpt dia tinggal sudah pn tiada. Aku seakan2 buntu. Aku tetap memanggilnya, "Baby, babyyyyy". Tiada sahutan. Hanya pelanggan2 kedai sahaja merenung kepada ku. "Babyyyyyy", mataku sudah berair. Hati ku yg sedih pedih, bertambah2 sedih dan pedihnya. Aku berlari2 anak sekeliling tempat itu. Aku tak berhenti2 memanggil kekasih ku. Namun, tiada sahutan. Langkah ku terhenti. Otak ku penuh dgn penyesalan. Kaki ku seperti hilang fungsi nya. Aku rebah melutut bumi. Kekasih ku sudah tiada lagi. Ya, dia sudah tiada. Aku menangis.