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Monday, May 17, 2010

Maximizing Torrent

If you guys use torrent,
sometime the default setting(install2, terus gune) makes the download is not efficient,
which means, the download is not maximized.

If u noticed, sometime it shows NAT error.
If NAT error occurs, its indicate ur torrent is not working with full performance.
What u need to do are:

1. Open ur torrent program. (eg. Vuze, Bittorent. etc.)
2. Find Nat/Firewall test. (for Vuze user its Tools> NAT/Firewall test)
3. Run the test, if its okay, then no prob.
4. If not okay, padan muke. haha.
5. Okay, seriously, u nid to check ur TCP port, which located in ur router browser.
6. To open router, open ur internet browser, and type or depends on ur router.
7. Next, find for TCP port, its often be in application, u need to find urself, because different router u used, diff interface u got. It may user friendly, it may not.
8. After u get the port successfully, then change ur port at ur torrent program.
9. Im not telling it will make u big different, but atleast it will maximize ur download, and for Vuze, ur smiley will not always yellow in colour.

So thats all i can help u for downloading. For direct download, no nid to care about this post.
Okay, if got difficulties, well google ready to serve u. Okay, goodluck.