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Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Miss..

I Miss..

1. the-forgot-the-name of Dragon Raja.
My 1st account was Vandor, but i gave to my bro, then i use new account at that moment, but i forgot the name. but im sure that I miss to get and wishing grats when level up, i miss multiple arrow-ing all the mobs after gather it all, i miss going nation war even im nub.

2. VaNoO of Silkroad.
I miss the pet, i miss the trading activities, i miss to pvp-ing outside the town, i miss doing thief job even im still nub.

3. VaNoO of EnjoyRO.
I miss Sonic Blow-ing in pvp room, i miss to be called pro, i miss sapu-ing in pvp room, i miss to be caught botting, i miss making item, i miss hunting MVP cards, i miss enchanting armor and weapon, i miss my buddies there.

4. Emi-SinX of RYLFiraun.
I miss pawning nub, i miss solo-ing sapu CZ, i miss boom-ing faking akkan, i miss tanking gunner's boom, i miss my buddies, i miss the crown, i miss the dagger, i miss to be called pro, i miss to be acknowledged, i miss to enchant my armor and weapon.

I miss all the game, unfortunately i lost all the access to the game. and if i got back, its not like before. i miss them so much.