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Monday, April 6, 2009

Pissed Off!!!

1. Dari 2 hari lepas asik LAG!
2. GM buat patch baru, aku jadi xleh nk men da RYL Firaun
3. LAG lagi!
4. dan LAGI!
6. Aku da RUGI 2 hari utk mencari FAME!
7. Aku pm GM, GM wat dunno, The F word!

Ko Jgn Aku Smpi Aku.....!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Used to

I used to think that if i do something to someone, what will happen if the same things happen to me. I mean, if i back stabbing someone else, people will back stabbing me in dunno when time. Same as if I play RYL, when i kill other payers, other players also will kill me, haha. Btw, mybe not only me used to think like that. and I feel weird. When you make of fun to someone else, dont you think what will happen if the same things happen to you? I mean, i really cant understand. So guys, if there are something i have done make you hurt im really sorry. Mybe that is not my intention or i got a reason for doing that. I believe that im not the person who always make fun to the others. Im no ma'sum, so mybe what im saying is wrong. Just to share something that i really cant understand. I hope before you do something, think it wisely

Revenge is Never be Good

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Final Comes Again

Final comes again.
2 weeks from now,
my life will be like hell
and then
there will be a famous quote
"rugi x stadi awal2"
and this will be heard after the final,
"next sem akan ku stadi sggh2"

Got 6 papers
Life Contingencies II - Deadly
Ruin Theory - Deadly
Risk Management - a Lil Deadly from 1st 2 subject
Numerical Method - Confusing
Entrepreneurship - Annoying
Econometrics - I Can See The Light There

Well my fellow friends,
Prepare to fight!

Final Final Final