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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Away in Silence

If you think ur life is sux lately.
Do think a bit.
Is it ur life is really sux rite now,
Its just you not LETting the HAPPINESS in.


Rinnie said...

i vote for the 1st one.ngeee~

Norita Azrin said...

depends on the perspective, dear irfan..
xde orang yang x pernah sux dalam hidup dia..
and happiness boleh datang dan pergi melalui cara yang berbeza...

(Amaran keras: awak xkn hepy kalo awak comparelefe awak dgn org lain tau~!)

Irfan Akmal said...

haha. u sure? ;p

Irfan Akmal said...

hehe. okayy. thanks for the comment :D