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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gamers? Nahh..

Maybe some of u thinks im a gamers. Well, i rather say no, im not a gamers, im not qualified to be a gamers.

Mybe i spend a lot of time on game, but not for now, now what im doing is, open counter strike, play 1 or 2 rounds and thats it, its only about less than 1 minute, believe me. Its kinda i lost my mojo.

If u still want to say i mybe was a gamers, hm, it can be. I started to be gamerholic when my big bro brings the very 1st online games back home. Its Dragon Raja. Some old school online game which noob to compare with nowadays game. Thats when i used my very 1st nick, Vandor. Eventhough before online games, there are already nintendo console, then gameboy and then playstation, im not addicted much compare to this Dragon Raja.

So its kinda i started to be gamerholic when Dragon Raja comes. I topup rm10 for internet(dialup) and not more then rm15 for 12hours to play Dragon Raja (its Pay to Play that time). and that 12 hours i just sit and play the game and stop for meal and to finish some business. that its 12 hours, if i buy 1 month pass? so u can imagine it. Then i quit Dragon Raja, not because boring already, but got new game Silkroad Online(haha).

Same as before, but this time alr used streamyx which my parent pay, i just need to topup to play the game. Im not sure its Pay to Play, for got alr, but same, spend a lot of time on that chair and in front the monitor. Then same goes to Granado Espada and Risk Your Life and also Ragnarok.

With this all insanity, i still ashame to call me a gamers. Why? Because i think:
1. Gamers should able to play for a very long hour.(me got half only)
2. Gamers should have an idea about the game's thingy, etc, item, mission. ( still have so-so idea on that)
3. Gamers should be genius in games, what im saying is, the 1st time u play the game, u alr amateur with it. No nid to change to easy or what.(not really in to this.)
4. Gamers should finish the game they play.( never completed my game. haha)
5. Gamers should not giving up on what game they play.( always. haha)
6. Gamers should not play game for less then 1 min.(haha)

and many more that im not qualified. Now, im totally not a gamer alr. I alr quit, and now im doing nothing, which it worst. haha.

So, pls dun tell me that im gamer, its, kinda humiliating act. hehe. till then.