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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ubuntu Operating System (OS)

Lately i was thinking to try Ubuntu OS, i already done some research (wow, research, LOL) and i already test it virtually, and i found its not hard actually to use this OS. We can install all Windows program, including games, ym i think, and guess what, even microsoft office can use in Ubuntu, but of course there will be the kelemahan also. Of course it cant do it by itself, i mean
installing Windows application in Ubuntu. It needs a software to convert the windows language to Ubuntu language(i hope i use the right term). I use Wine for that case.

Ubuntu default office processing is Open Office, which still we can save in doc file, but im not sure when open in microsoft office what will happen and Mozilla Firefox for internet browser. I actually was attracted with their so elegent and cool interface. And i want to use something different than the others, hahaha.

I have install Ubuntu in software call VMware, which is one of virtual machine software, where we can test whether the OS is compitable or not with our PC. So, i can conclude that, hmm, i want use Ubuntu! haha. But so damn lazy to clean all my stuff in this 250gb hitachi HDD. So until now i still use this XP, haha. Mybe next week or another week then i install Ubuntu.

So if you interested, you can get the installer from me, or just download it directly from their website, www.ubuntu.com. Not sure whether got torrent or not, but i think better use direct download with download manger aid. You also can go for melayubuntu.blogspot.com if you got the problem with this OS. Or else, just google it, or JFGI. I thinks that all for now. If i got additional information, i will let you now. Au revoir

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Counter-Strike =P

Microsoft Office 2007 in Ubuntu


Multi Messenger


Bui al-Yahya said...

wine tu stand for 'windows emulator'