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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Careful What You Wish For.

I bet most of us always whining about our life. I want this, i want that. but careful guys, something what you wish for is not what suites you. For example, in a relationship, sometimes we hope that we will be showered by a ton of attentions. But can u promise that, when u got all that, u will not, definitely not to feel all of those attentions are annoying?

This situation is always leads to greed. A greed little bastards always not satisfy with what they have. Always wishes to have more. And when they got more, thats what ruined them. Even if we greed in knowing all things in the world, we can be insane, haha.

We need to thank what already we got. Allah will give more for this people. Careful guys what you wishing for ^^.


Anonymous said...

stp kata2 yg kita oyak tu r yg akn diuji Allah nt

Irfan Akmal said...


Adam Yahya said...

Can't believe that the nasihat comes from the pair of hands of yappan

Irfan Akmal said...

hehe. i take it as a compliment. thanks ^^

??? said...

contohnye, jumpe kejap xnk, nk lebey, kan lebih baik daripada tak jumpe lgsung kan? tamak..tamak.. haha

Irfan Akmal said...

yg tu exceptional kot

??? said...

hep2.. tetibe je exceptional. tu kategori x bersyukur.

Irfan Akmal said...

baik lah, sy insaf. Mari.