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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dunno Which Class You Want to Use?

Most of games, especially online games have a identical characteristic. Yes, im talking about making the character. Name, gender is a simple thing. The most crucial things to think is which class of character we want to play. Granado Espada, Ragnarok, Risk Your Life, Lineage, Requeim, all of them require you to choose one of class u desired. Here is some guide that can help you a little bit.

1. We can divide the classes with 2 major of categories. Close range combat and long range combat. Close range combat require us to fight the enemy face to face with what we call all the bravery things. Meanwhile the long range combat make us able to hit our enemy in kind of chicken way. Now check yourself which want you to.

for close range go for a). for long range go for b)

a) For the close range, no doubt of it you will be equipped with a cool, shining sword. With a heavy armor and more concentrate on your defense. Well some of close combat warriors has been divided to two, which one of them concentrate on attacking, and some of them in defense. However this class need greater defense then the long range combat to make them be able to kill before been pwnaged by the long range warriors. In some game, there a also stealth close ranged warriors, called assassin. but different games, different definition of the classes. but swordsman always be a close range warriors.

b) For long range, archer, rifleman need an intelligence in order to make a move. Since the warriors got the brute force because of their defense, the long range need to be sneaky in order not to be attacked first. archer always be the one who attack first. It will be an advantages for the archer to keep distance from their enemies.

2. They other categories of the class is a magic users. Usually its will be divided to supporter and the caster. The supporter often be called priest and the caster be called wizard. Supporter will be responsible to enhance their teammates with attack and defense. Meanwhile caster is so damn powerful with their magic to pwnage all their enemies.

Each games has their own class which sometimes hybrid. So there are a lot of classes but the basic are the same. Long range, close range, magic, and supporter. This may not be a good guide, but hope it will help you a bit in choosing your character. Happy gaming ^^


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