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Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to Format a PC for Dummies.

Most of us now have their own PC. Owning a PC without knowing how to maintain it is not a very wise thing. Formatting PC is one of way how to maintain ur gear. Most of dun-u-dare-touch-my-pc know how to format their own. but for i-dont-know-nothing-bout-pc mybe have a difficulties. Btw, formating ur own PC will avoid from ur privacy being expose to others, especially for the girls who wants to know how hot they are in a picture, auw ( can i have one? haha). Notes that this guide is about formating your PC with windows xp. Ok, lets begin step by step.

1. Insert your windows cd.
2. Restart your PC.
3. Boot form cd. This step is various depends on ur gear. But its often appear by saying " press enter to boot from cd". Something like that.

4. After that, this thing will appear.

5. Wait until the partition thingy. For those who already got partition, you can skip step 6-8. Just proceed to 9

6. Ok, this step is optional. You have a choice whether you want do partition or not. Partition is more systematic and very helpful in the future. Just simply hit C button as have been instructed in the windows to do the partition. After hit C, this will appear.

7. Okay, now just insert your desire size for your this partition. Then press enter. Walah, done.

8. Just repeat 6-7 to unpartitioned space for next partition. Note that there will be some of space cant be partitionized due to reserve for partitioning information.
9. After done partitioning, you may select with disk you want to install the windows. In this guide, i choose C. Just hit enter at that desired disk.
10.You can select quick or normal formatting. Until now i dont know the different between those 2, except the quick one is quicker, is that too obvious? haha. (p/s: i using a software, so it comes both NTFS and FAT. For normal formating there will be just 2 options.)

This screen will appear, and u just wait until they done their job.

12. Your gear should restart and this screen will appear.

13. After that, the setup will be started.

14. From this point, just wait until the process finish. There will be a pop up and require you to complete it. Language, time, name, etc. language and time can be done after the installation. Mybe i just post the picture to make it easy.

You need to take a look because some cd not very well setup so need to change the setting. You just need to read carefully and change to the right setting. No need to worry if you done wrongly, because the setup can be fixed after the installation.

15. Then wait again until the system is finalize the setup. Some pop up will appear to choose your graphic setting.

16. Then you get your very new windows in your PC ^^

Thats all for the guide. Before i end this, there are several things i want to say.
1. Sorry if there are wrong term used in this guide because im just actuarial student. haha
2. This guide mybe not too detailed but im sure you all can handle it well.
3. The key of not to be confuse is just read the instruction carefully.
4. If got wrong pls post in the comment and i will fix it.

Thats all, good luck guys. Happy formatting ^^


Anonymous said...

cis.adam br nk uat bisnes format lappy.ak pon tros x jd sbb ko dh ajo kt sni.haha.nway bang, klu ak nk install windows xp yg modified, pon sme gk k?

Irfan Akmal said...

la, ye ke. x pasan plak. hehe
yup, same je. tp my ikut la die modified camne. slalunye yg modified die ade tmbh2 software dlm tu. care nk instal same je. hehe

Adam Yahya said...

Ko ni Pan, mmg la...
Oleh sbb aku kenal ko da lame, ak x jadi nak hentak.. Wakaka... Format, sume org boley, tp masalah akan datang selepas fmat.. wakaka...

Anonymous said...

formatting pc is kinda easy these days. we use to format our pcs from dos back then. go figure..


Irfan Akmal said...

adam, mmg aku saje nk bg part tu kat ko. yg sng2 je la aku tnjk, yg ssh2 aku xtau. haha

wah k.lng. formating from dos. interesting. =P

eL.ScuderiA said...