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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dont You Realize?

Let us think a lil bit about wat happen lately. The world is prefer to be western as we can see nowadays from how people dressing, thinking, life style and etc. Are those western thingy are global enough that we need to follow them? Why we need to wear damn annoying tie and coat? Why need we follow thier social life? We can see in Malaysia the life now is more like a western style. You can see from how Malaysian dressing, our film and life style, clubbing, etc2. Is that follow how they thinking make us open-minded? is that we called matured? We need to think back again, who are we actually.


nawwar aqilah said...

ala..u play western games what...

Irfan Akmal said...

ade ke msia wat game?

Anonymous said...

do you think u ur self doesn't do any of those thingy thing?
think back who we r? who are u? perfecto?

Irfan Akmal said...

obviously i remind myself too. thats why i use we, not you >.<