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Thursday, June 25, 2009

If You Use Torrent alot You Should See This.

This is what i saw when i want to download Naruto Shippuuden.
Kinda scary.

Maybe its one of the way they want to promote the software. but i think what they said is not a bluff. I would like to post what they state in their web.


ISP tracks and throttles your traffic
Everything you download can be seen by your ISP. They can watch your every step - beware! Some ISPs might even throttle Bittorrent traffic.

Your IP is seen to all trackers and peers
While you are downloading via bittorrent your IP address is fixed by trackers and seen to all peers. Everything you download is recorded!

You can be sued for downloading via Bittorrent
Every month hundreds of people are getting pre-lawsuit notices and some are sued. Do you have enough money to afford a lawyer in this case?

Using proxy is not safe and anonymous
Proxy doesn't encrypt your traffic, so your ISP still can monitor what you're downloading and inform an appropriate organization.

Encryption in torrent clients is a trick
Encryption which some bittorrent clients have is only to circumvent traffic throttling and not for security.

So guys, sorry for bringing the bad news xD


??? said...

maksud die ape? jgn dunlod? ala. ala

Irfan Akmal said...

abes la