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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mind and Brain

Your life full of pride. You got so high of confidence level. You talk proudly, you walk like a soldier marching in the street, you do everything with no regret and doubt about it. and suddenly, all your confidence gone. And you realize you actually cant do nothing, even to make a decision which shop you want to go. and you realize that you are so stupid for being you. Scary right?

From you think you can solve all your friends problem to a person who cant give any solution at all. From a proud person to a pathetic person. From a cheerful person to a moody person. From a marching soldier to a junkie. From to think about living to think about dying. Scary right?

I believe this is all come from our brain. This is the power of the brain. The brain controls everything in your body. Hormones, muscles and all the medic students know. We really to have a healthy brain, or mybe i should refer it to our mind. Healthy mind results a healthy life. I just realize how powerful our brains are. Okay, i already know actually, but just to think it back, it really scary. So guys, take care of your brain. Dont be a dickhead. haha


??? said...

sebab tu ble something gila happen, org cakap, "are you losing your mind?"

Irfan Akmal said...

sbnrnye sometime menjadi gile kite sedang cube pegi ke high level of thinking, tp kite fail. tu jd gile. hahaha