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Monday, June 15, 2009

Walkthroughs and Guides.

Discovering the whole games is really need a lot of afford and spend a lot of time. Since there are so many tricks and hidden things in the games. For those who really care about completing a game 100% ( like my bro, wakaka), guidelines and walktroughs is good in matter of saving time and avoid us from being crazy except you want to finish them by urself. That is possible because the guide also must be created from someone, not a robot.

For example, Final Fantasy is one the game which can complete the games without do the whole things. If you see the walktroughs, u can see how many quest and item that u missed during the games. For online games, enchanting weapons, where to farm items, all this can get also from the gameguides.

Im saluting for those who being so helpful doing all the guide which im sure so hard to make it. Capturing all the pics, use readable instructions is not an abc work. Need a tonne of patience. So sad there still the newbies who are noobly asking ppl in game which is very annoying. See guides also lazy? Me a newbie also can be pro when i see all the guides.

Example of the excellent work from the pro
1. Granado Espada
2. Cabal Online

For pc gamers, you can go to gamefaqs to see the walktroughs and cheats. Its almost perfect there. I would like to advice to all pro, please help the newbies, dun just selfishly keep for urself. Just be wise otherwise u will be no pro anymore. wakakaka. that all from me ^^


??? said...

aa...xpaham..tu la, bg lg tangan ckp

Irfan Akmal said...

hep2. nk ke btol2 tgn yg ckp?