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Friday, March 6, 2009

Internet Never Be Safe..

Internet never be safe. Trust me. Internet makes a lot of things easy, but remember, its also makes this little punk to be easy on their work to seek for ur secret. Do you know, in Friendster, got private photo right? I can see it even though u didnt approve me to see your pics. Sometimes people do not this will be happen. So i would like to advise to all of you not to trust internet so much. With internet i can acces your internet open up ur folder, do wat ever i want to ur pc. Trust me, i have done it before. but of course with my friends ^^. Have u seen DieHard 4.0, thats what happen if too much relying on it. Just giving advise to u all. Thats All

hmm, hmm, and hmm again


Bui al-Yahya said...

Aku, mmg tgh bersemangat dalam bende2 ni skang nih!. Ha3...
Bole la bagi tips kat aku ye encik Russia

Irfan Akmal said...

nk turun kn ilmu jahat ni
mcm rase teragak2 plak