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Sunday, March 8, 2009

What Should be in Your Rig..

I have read PC Gamer and i saw an interesting corner. Yup, The PC Gamer Rig. They suggests several hardwares that you should have in your babe ^^.


Asus Rampage II Extreme


TwinX 3x2048-1800C7DF (2gb)


Samsung 226CW

Graphic Card


Caviar Black 1tb



Logitech G15


Logitech G5

There are few more things but i think that's enough for the basic. If you want waste your cash then you can go for controller, sound card etc2. About sound system i do not know exactly which one is the best, but i think its depends on you. For me, i like the balance of treble and bass. Unfortunately i still cant find which one is suite for my interest. Anyway, my this old BOKA speaker is already fine with me ^^ . Its already more than 5 years now.

My BOKA speaker ^^
p/s = Those hardwares are not price friendly, except for my elder BOKA. lol


nawwar aqilah said...

mesti mahal benda2 cani..huhu..sesuai la utk org2 yg gile game.. =p

Bui al-Yahya said...

mende2 tu sumer da ad kat Low Yatt.
Tp expect la total sume skali dalam 6-7 ribu gtu. Sbb last time aku check, i7 tu je da dkat RM3000.00

Irfan Akmal said...

aku ade price die
nk ke aku state kn kat sini?

Irfan Akmal said...

hmm, bleh kate la
act ni for bleh kate utk maximum satisfaction la ni..
sbnrnye byk bende leh cut off..
tp kalau ade sume2 ni mmg puas hati la. kalau x puas ati lagi xtau la