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Saturday, March 28, 2009


Ill bet most of you have a dream and dreaming about that thing everyday. Well, now, me really2 want to be a rockstar! but not a singer, but the guitarist, haha. So cool la guitarist. I have tried to learn slowly with this black acoustic guitar of not mine, haha. Its already more than 1 month i am holding it, but to tell ya, only 1 song that i can play, haha. I learn from Youtube and i take the chords and tabs at Ultimate-Guitar.com. I wish i knew this damn guitar since i was a kid. Sure now i will play as a pro, haha. For those who experienced learning guitar ber yourself, please give me some advice yeh? Hahaha~

Play Hard, Go Pro..


dhiera said...

got u beb!!

Irfan Akmal said...

u got me

budinol said...

plan2 kayuh. play soft je. go amatuer, than play fast, go pro.

Irfan Akmal said...

dpt advice from a pro