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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

When Lag Happens

There is few things that i do when lag happens.
Lag border us as a online gamers so much.
This is the list of few things i will do:

1. Check whether your housemate are downloading or not. No matter what you do, if there is download process, the internet will be lag. (Notes : Sometimes downloads does not cause lag, especially streamyx user, or you just alone by yourself)
2. If there still got lag, try to change your IP. When im using streamyx, IP is so important.
3. Still got lag? Determine whether it is internet lagging, or its just graphic lagging. Graphic lagging happens when your gear cant hold so much effect from the game. Set to the minimal graphic in option if your graphic card is no0b.
4. Still got delay? hmm, start to think maybe your gear got so much spyware. Spyware will cause your gear become slow because it keeps spamming to your computer.
5. If there is still lagging, maybe your internet provider is no0b. ROFL

That's all from me. Im telling you this is only what i do. I dont know its work or not to you, but its worth trying then you keep dying because of lag. ^^