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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yahoo Messenger's Spam

Familiar with those message? Yes, i have already received millions of them. I thought my friend just want to make fun of me, but she said she didnt do it. Then i received again the message from another friend. So i was thinking this is maybe new trend of spamming and its getting annoying. I have listed some of my contacts that i believe has been infected by those spam.

Atiqah Jalil
Farah Izzati
(p/s: If I violated your matters of privacy, do please tell me.)

This kind of spam i think works familiar with the spam in the Friendster, which will active if you click the link given. So i suggest you to scan your machine and change your password before its getting worse from just spam the message to scam your properties due to lots of things done with your current email. I just google it and still cant find the exact solution but what i have give just now will help a bit. If you got those message from me, please tell me. If i have got the update, i will let you know. Thats all fellas.


Anonymous said...

aku dapat dari AL...

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nawwar aqilah said...

rasenye i got more spams than u. huahua

V said...

mmg tgh mengganas pn spam ni, annoying tol.

Hani Mohd Najib said...

what ive to do then?
duhh. gile unfair.

Irfan Akmal said...

i think its already stated there. Scan you pc and change your password. Btw, i got a lot from you hani =P

Hani Mohd Najib said...

i know! shahir has been complaining da. siud betol. malu laaaaa. cis. neway, ive scanned my pc. and changed my pword jugak. then what? gile serabut. jap. ke tak perlu serabut? T_T

Irfan Akmal said...

no need to serabut pn,
we wait n see, ade lagi x dpt spam from your ym.

budinol said...

daymnn doh. spam ni macam haram. annoying. igt aku x kuat ke nk mkn pil2 kuat nih. haha.

Irfan Akmal said...

tu la
terase hati ni

Bui al-Yahya said...

Fahmi pon ad gak...

Hani Mohd Najib said...

ade lagik tak? ade lagik tak?

Irfan Akmal said...

da xdpt da from u